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The strategic location is something that the developers never fail to provide and is one of the mottos of the company. They have always focused on building homes or residential units at an ideal location so that the residents can have everything in close proximity. The townhouse is constructed along Medel Street in Santa Ana in Manila City. The location is absolutely perfect as it is surrounded by the sheer serenity of nature and a beautiful environment around it. It is a delightful place to be for the residents. It is also very close to the cities of Makati and Mandaluyong. 

The working professionals enjoy convenience with its close proximity to the workplace and students also find it convenient with many schools and universities nearby. The Townhouses is easily accessible and is close to the highway making it a favorable destination. It is in close vicinity with many malls, marketplace, shopping complexes, universities, colleges, transportation services, financial centers, banks, medical services, hospitals and many other things. This makes it very comfortable for the residents as they do not have to walk miles away every day to just purchase their daily use essentials.

There is a number of malls which are close by like Index salon, Mitsubishi Digital Plaza Photo, SSG Supermarket, Blind Wonder Massage, Santa Ana Public Market, etc. With these malls within a 1km range of the place, it is possible to simply walk up to the place for daily purchases. There are a number of restaurants for fine dining and casual eating like Perjan Food House, Food Cube Carinderia, Akik Pares, Quain Na and Eneelids Sizzling House which are within the 1km range from the townhouses. 

It is very convenient location even for the school students with schools like Phorlakh Early Learning Center, Lope K Santos School, Arellano University, Happy Kids Learning Center, Calderon High School, etc. in close proximity. There are good health care and medical services in close proximity that includes hospitals like Maria Lourdes Maternity Hospital, St. Anne Orthopedic, Herran Laboratory Medical Clinic, Victoria Medics Family and Adoracion Diagnostic Center which is within again 1 km of proximity. 

The places being in such close vicinity make things very convenient for the residents. No matter how serious is the medical condition, a person can be rushed immediately. There are many cities of Philippines that are closely located and using the public transport system, one can easily commute. The location chose by the real estate developers are always up to the mark and despite being in the middle of the city, it is away from the hectic hustle bustle. An ideal location is very important and a lot of buyers make it one of the first preferences while purchasing or investing in a property.

Malls :

  • Index Salon - 0.07 km
  • Blind Wonder Massage - 0.48 km
  • SSG Supermarket - 0.56 km
  • Santa Ana Public Market - 0.60 km
  • Mitsubishi Digital Plaza Photo - 0.61 km

Restaurants :

  • Perjan Food House - 0.43 km
  • Akik Pares - 0.44 km
  • Eneelids Sizzling House - 0.45 km
  • Quain Na - 0.45 km
  • Food Cube Carinderia - 0.49 km

Schools :

  • Phorlakh Early Learning Center - 0.39 km
  • Happy Kids Learning Center - 0.42 km
  • Calderon High School - 0.48 km
  • Arellano University - 0.48 km
  • Lope K. Santos School - 0.48 km

Hospitals :

  • Victoria Medics Family Clinic - 0.40 km
  • St. Anne Orthopedic - 0.55 km
  • Adoracion Diagnostic Center - 0.55 km
  • Herran Laboratory Medical Clinic - 0.59 km
  • Maria Lourdes Maternity Hospital - 0.87 km
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