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The features of the buildings are well integrated and developed so that the residents can live a relaxed life and continue to enjoy the same all life-long. It is a property where the amenities are not extremely luxurious but the developers own up to their promise of providing good features for the investment made. One of the critical things to check is the level of security within the campus. The property is gated one with 24 x 7 security services along with a guard room. Each of the visitors is asked for their information before letting them inside the premises of the residential space.

There is a number of building features that make living convenient and ultimately comfortable for the families and individuals. Each of the units is equipped with 24 x 7 water supply system. There is an intercom system connected to all the residential townhouses for ease of communication. There is air conditioning unit supported and integrated by the developers before handing over the property. There is a kitchen system where the kitchen is equipped with all necessary things and amenities making it fully functional and of full utility. The units also have a telephone as well as TV lines which saves the hassle of getting the connection taken from an outside source.

There is water heating system equipped with each of the units. The internet line is also connected so that the residents can get internet connectivity. Each of the townhouses is designed with its personal garage system so that parking can be done hassle free. Even within the gated community, there is parking space for visitors or for parking extra vehicles. Safety and security must not be taken lightly and hence it is important to secure the campus with good services. All the common areas have CCTV system so that things can be monitored by the security system. With such provision, the campus remains safe and secured for the residents.

  • Kitchen System
  • Telephone Line
  • CCTV System
  • Intercom System
  • Air Conditioning
  • Garage
  • Water Heating
  • Internet Line
  • Parking Area
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